Customized tours of high standards that offer travelers a rare and exclusive experience of the world like they deserve.


Travel Abroad

Together we will plan trips you always dreamed of and we will meet knew cultures and destinations. Traveling abroad now is easier than ever! Creating with the utmost caution and devotion to each detail. Only thing you have to do is trust yourselves in our expertise and enjoy your journeywithoutanyhassle.



Traveling within Greece

Discover the most beautiful and scenic places of Greece. Get to know all breathtaking beaches, best rated hotels, popular and tasteful Greek Cuisine. Explore the luminous Greek islands and let the fifty shades of blue carry you away and create unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Luxury Travel Market

Luxurious Travelling

Our agency undertakes the organization of luxurious and/or V/VIP journeys. Prepare yourselves to unveil the most divine parts of Greece, enjoy our tailor-made services carefully selected just for you and travel with such comfort as if you were Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Sail throughout the endless blue in luxurious yachts and enjoy moments of relaxation in 5star hotels. Taste unique signature gastronomic creations from the best restaurants, award-winning and internationally recognized.



An alternative form of tourism is taking its first steps in Greece. Ecotourism is here and will enchant you! Together we will organize trips to pristine nature. We will visit known and unknown parts of our country focusing on man and nature.



Themed Trips

Our Agency also undertakes the planning and organizing of trips that hosts special theme codes, such as bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation trips, retirement, religious celebrations, anniversaries, baptisms, etc.

We are here to find out your desire and make it come true, as simple as that because our professionalism and know how.


Spa &Wellness Trips

Familiarize yourself with carefully selected destinations that would maximize your Spa & Wellness experience. Special destinations within Greece and worldwide that aim to inspire you, take away all the everyday stress and initiate you in a world of relaxation and mindfulness. Take up yoga classes, meditation, kinesiotherapy, thalassotherapy and many more healing therapies or practices for the body and mind of your choosing.

Contact us to create and design together a magical journey no matter the type. An adventure for the bold or a honeymoon for the lovers. We pride ourselves to deliver the journey you need based on your individual preferences.

Organizing an individual trip is as equally important to the traveler as is also for the organizer.

Allow your imagination to travel to all the places you have been dreaming of visiting and the things you have caved to do while at those destinations. If you feel that the time is right and you are open to new adventures, the first steps would be to tell us the duration, approximate travel dates or seasonality, budget you wish to spend and we will take it from there. We will offer you the best available rates based on your preferences and they will be accompanied from a wide selection to choose from. Next thing would be to enjoy your trip.…