About us

My very first experience as a tourist was at the early age of 6 years old, that is when I first boarded a plane to travel to my island, Crete, and to be more specific my town, Chania. The complete experience I encountered through the eyes of a child was so unique that could not be put into words. I thought I could touch the clouds, my child imagination run wild and I could/would not stop but keep on creating adventures in my mind of all the creatures living in the sky and at the sea below, all I could think of was ways to explore all those small islands that seemed like dots from my window seat. So mesmerizing and breathtaking they were that my enthusiasm was unfolding vigorously minute by the minute.

Little did I know then, but the feeling of excitement, anticipation and the absolute need for exploration would motivate me into following this path for the rest of my life.

Chania is where I spent all of my summer vacations, by ferry and plane. That is the place that allowed me to grow up in a multicultural way and embrace the diversity of people. Tourists from all over the world walked beside me, speaking their language and although I could not understand back then, my imagination could not be stopped once more, I was thinking of how beautifully they sound, like they were singing a song. It was then that I made up my mind, few songs later on I figured that I wanted to explore and deepen into the lyrics of each song I heard, decode it and follow it all the way back to its origins and visit as many as countries I possibly could.

One thing lead to another and I decided to study and work in Tourism, since it was coming natural to me and I was self-driven by it.  It was just meant to be, all I had to do was just follow my instincts. All new information and knowledge gained throughout my studies was always refreshing and exciting as I was broadening my horizons. When I finally graduated, in 2002, faculty of Business and Finance Management of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, I was one step closer to my dream.

My experience and knowledge goes back almost for 20 years, varying from all hotel departments to almost all departments of a travel agent’s. My true calling and love for travelling along with my hard-working experience allowed me to make my next big step, open my very own travel agency so that I could finally share with consistency and proper guidance all of my knowledge and experience with other curious travelers who wish to discover the world and also make their dreams come true. Make their travel dreams come true.

My main objective is for my fellow travelers to share with me as many as possible information, thoughts they have in mind (i.e. trip costs, budget, preferences, entertainment, dreams, etc.), so that I may offer the best possible result, based on their needs and my know how, before I open the way for them to experience the type of travel they imagined and created initially on their own.

Travel-Me is an idea, a dream, my treasure build up after years and years of thought, planning, knowledge and experience that finally comes true and now is the time to share it with you.

Because I understand how important is to know when you wish to go on a trip or vacation within your country or even abroad, you need to make sure that someone has your back whatever challenge might occur during your vacation so that it may go smoothly and allow you to unwind. Someone that will not refrain you to protocol or call centers waiting hours after hours on hold without guarantee to a carefree solution.

Travel-Me is operating all year around, 365 days, 24/7 as to make sure that you have someone to immediately support you. A high quality service for a nonstop vacation time.

Here in Travel-Me we ALL are fellow travelers; we ALL want to become children again and allow ourselves a treat and the relaxed vacation we deserve.