We design the most beautiful day of your life till the last detail, so that you may relive it as vividly as you wish with your loved ones.


The bridal dress…

The most exquisite day of your life has come, and needless to say that it wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t have the right dress to wear.

Our experienced representatives will enjoy assisting you on this once in a lifetime fairytale you are about to live. They will keep the pressure off you by searching all the right places for your dream bridal dress and will book all necessary appointmentsfor rehearsals.

The selection of your breathtaking bridal dress is naturally based upon your tastes but also budget you will point out.


Wedding Ceremony

Surrounded by family, friends and your loved ones in general, you want the ceremony but more often the reception area to be the most suitable for the reception of your guests. Regardless of the number of visitors, we will make sure that you all feel great.

The place we choose will be decorated accordingly with the theme of the wedding but also within the financial contexts that you will define.



Choosing food and therefore catering is one of the most important steps in organizing your wedding.

We are here to suggest you the best professionals in the field of catering, always considering your taste preferences, but also the budget that you can allocate.


Wedding Tours

Your life together will begin with your honeymoon. A journey full of honey, as we used to say. The long experience I have gained working in Wedding Tours for at least 10 years, gives me the advantage of directing you to the right steps for organizing your honeymoon. The honeymoon for each couple is unique and special. Live it and make it come true as you dream because the memories of our travels will follow us forever.

    Contact us to start the most beautiful trip together

    Wedding is a stepping stone for the couple that leads it to new fairytale paths. Each couple has imagined this event in a different way. We at travel-me have the opportunity to offer you the wedding you want in the money you have. Let go of the experienced hands of my associates and you just enjoy and start counting down to your union party.

    Travel-me provides you with a range of options depending on the cost you want to spend on your wedding. Another step that leads to a common life that every couple has dreamed of. In this step we want to hold your hand and help you not to spend more money than you really need.